Frequently Asked Questions

Who and what is Continental Type Co.?

Continental Type Co. is an online type foundry started by Scinston & Wott. Alternatively known as Winston Scully & Scott Biersack.

What do you offer?

Continental Type Co. will sell exclusively the typefaces developed by Winston Scully & Scott Biersack. We will also be taking custom type commissions and offering workshops (corporate and otherwise). For custom inquiries & workshop bookings please email us.

Why did you start Continental Type Co.?

Short answer: We really wanted to make type and collaborate.

Long answer: We'd been friends for 4+ years and we were both attending Type@Cooper on opposite coasts. We decided to bring our learnings from the program into the real world! Since we both come from a background of lettering & graphic design, we wanted to bridge the gap between the world of type and lettering / graphic design to unify the two disciplines.

How can we work together?

Where are you located?

Winston is located in Oakland, CA. Scott is down in hot and dry, Phoenix, AZ. Our hope is to have a physical studio in the future, but times are tough right now, man.

What else do you do?

We both offer a wide variety of things such as: lettering for advertising & editorial, logotypes, and graphic design.

Do we really need more fonts?

Actually, this is all a performance art piece. Death is the only escape.

But seriously?

Seriously yes, we actually do! To quote Tobias Frere-Jones: “Typefaces are solutions, and we keep having more problems.”

What other names do you go by?

The Type Offices of Scinston & Wott, WhatFontIsThat Co., WhatPenIsThat Co., Conti Co., CTC, ConTyCo, Those Two Guys, and pretty much anything else you can think of to get our attention. We're not picky.


The navigation, titles, body copy and beyond are all set in Sanomat Sans, designed by Commercial Type. Glyphs and Robofont were put to work to create our b-e-a-utiful typefaces. And of course, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign were used in the creation of this site, specimens, images and everything else your eyeballs gaze upon.

The foundry is hosted on this little thing called the World Wide Web and designed by the homie, Ben Jackson. Last but not least, special shout outs to the SF and NY Type@Cooper programs for teaching us right from wrong. We would be stranded on an island without the help of these glorious people: Cara di Edwardo, James Edmondson, Frank Grießhammer, Tânia Raposo, Stéphane Elbaz, Sumner Stone, Christian Schwartz, Berton Hasebe and many more.